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Sunday, June 20, 2010


Welcome to my Artblog!

Here I will be submitting my newest art, (which also will be submitted on my deviantArt)
I will also write about my artistic plans, and art-relevant subjects.

Right now I'm focusing on backgrounds and perspective, it's something I have a problem drawing, so it's better to take a hold of it now than later.

Here is my newest picture: Love me when I'm gone

I started skribbling on a piece of paper and after a while it came out to be a really nice picture. So I took a shower, and when I finished I looked into the mirror which was full of steam, so I wrote my signature in it, and then it hit me and I started on this artwork.

The meaning behind this picture is that even though I disapear I will still be there for you, like a heart made in the steam covered mirror. The heart is still there when the steam is gone, you just can't see it.