Giraffe board

Friday, May 16, 2014

Trying out a new BG.

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Random Pattern.

Just a random Giraffe Pattern I made. Trying it out. 

Saturday, February 23, 2013

No blog

No artblog here anymore (: Follow me on Tumblr, or check out my deviantArt for that.

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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

July Update

Hello, I've decided that in the end of each month I'll update the artblog with what I've accomplished.

I am going to make a banner for my two other blogs, Choose your Shit and Sirkusdyret.

Now over to the Art works:
Red Rain

Red Rain, is a gift for my friend Max aka Metalwolfgemstone!, the top cat is his charactere Deltaclaw, while Clay the lower cat is his friends character.

I started this by pencil, sketching and finding videos and pictures of cat's fighting it took a while, but I think the cats turned out pretty nice. I was aiming for a full picture, not just a plain blue or gray background so, I had to think of the background aswell, I started looking at tutorials and pictures of skies and other nature looking features. This was the tutorial I used for the sky.

The sky could have been better, but I guess I got tired of gray I must say that I LOVE the ligthening effects. The same with the ground, it has no detailes, but still it goes well with the picture in my opinion.
Totaly easy made waterpuddles, most likely the easies I did, except the rain.

So there you have RED RAIN.


Girafarig was just started as a doodle, but later on I used a pen, and lined him up, and I decided to look through my drawer for pencils to color him up with, and I found the aquarell water pencils, which worked nice, and made a cool effect on the paper. I did not use Photoshop on this in any way.
There wasn't orange, pink or dark brown, so I had to combine some of the colors, for the orange I used the lightest shade of red with yellow, and pink I used the darker shade of red with purple, the dark brown was so easy, black and brown, but that was the one I had most dificulities spreading over the paper.

See all my artwork on my deviantart!

That's all for July, see you in August <3

Sunday, June 20, 2010


Welcome to my Artblog!

Here I will be submitting my newest art, (which also will be submitted on my deviantArt)
I will also write about my artistic plans, and art-relevant subjects.

Right now I'm focusing on backgrounds and perspective, it's something I have a problem drawing, so it's better to take a hold of it now than later.

Here is my newest picture: Love me when I'm gone

I started skribbling on a piece of paper and after a while it came out to be a really nice picture. So I took a shower, and when I finished I looked into the mirror which was full of steam, so I wrote my signature in it, and then it hit me and I started on this artwork.

The meaning behind this picture is that even though I disapear I will still be there for you, like a heart made in the steam covered mirror. The heart is still there when the steam is gone, you just can't see it.